Water Proofing Services

We have a team of competent & professionally trained staff that can provide you the best possible service to eliminate any kind of leakage, dampness from your premises may it be at Pre or Post Construction stage using imported & reputed chemicals from Sika,CICO, Fosroc, Kryton, Bostik, Dermabit, Tema, Dr. Fixit etc. Being the Expert applicators we can offer you these services at competitive prices & with the best technical expertise from company's trained staff. Chemicals used by us are generally Latex based which have a fairly good lifespan

We protect the reinforcement with polymer modified mortar and normal cover concrete / plaster depending on the site condition. The internal treatment is done after breaking the loose plaster/ cover concrete and treating the reinforcement against corrosion.

Due to heavy monsoon and various atmospheric reactions, several cracks may develop on the external exposed wall surfaces. The wall - column / bean junctions normally are the weakest spots on the external walls. We have through as apart of our continuous research, developed a unique cost effective technique to treat the entire exposed surface. We also give importance to the looks of the structure and have developed coating which will give a fresh look to the building even after the crack filling is done on the external facade.

Our customized package for Pre & Post Construction treatments include Roof Coatings using Acrylic & Elastomeric Polymers, Grouting in Basements, Crystallization, Pressure Gunniting, Membranes, Kota Stone, Chemical Coatings which can increase the life of Building, safeguard expensive interiors & other surfaces.

Water Proofing Services
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